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-alarm fire. the very late nest live report from baltimore county. >>> and ocean city boardwalk gets high marks for a well- known magazine. what made it stand out above the rest. >>> another reason why you should never turn your back on a shark. why would you do it in the first place? not because it will eat you but apparently it will steal your underwater gear. those stories and more coming up this morning on good morning maryland at 5. >>> lsu fans may have a new rice a company in a state growing purple rice. it has health promoting compounds also found in blueberries and also in red wine. health experts say it has the health benefits similar to brown rice. it is only grown in the south in louisiana. >>> if you are feeling rested, you are not alone. baltimore is in the top 20 of the most rested cities. the study uteed government data for the most those in the most sleep deprived people not getting enough sleep more than half the time. >>> shipping your kids off to school may make you sad. a survey as taken of how moms feed when kid head off to school. 40% were the saddest family member
who knows a lot about school funding brings his knowledge and experience to baltimore city schools today. brent jeffcoat took all 80 of greenville south carolina schools and transformed the financially strapped system in six years. so now he is going to help out baltimore city schools. he says he can. he has 35 years experience and he is going to talk about how a similar plan could actually work here. we will let you know how it goes. >>> tomorrow we are going to find out who gets nominated for the 64th annual prime time emmy awards. critics think the abc hit show modern family is going to win again. this year's nominee will be unveiled tomorrow morning in los angeles. so we will keep you posted on that. >>> the dark knight opens on friday and already tickets are going on sale. listening to -- listen to this for 100 to $150 on craigslist for a movie. some are more than that. so people have been snatching up the first seats for the midnight showing for the dark knight. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: we are live in downtown baltimore where the water main break is snagg
for baltimore city police commissioner fred bealefeld who left an impact on charm city going after criminals determined to catch the bad guys with guns. according to city leaders, bealefeld wants to spend more time with his family and will officially retire coming up tomorrow. >>> everyone heads to ocean city for a good time on the boardwalk and the beach and the restaurants. it's hard not to enjoy yourself. but this morning, we have a warning for you. and sherrie johnson is is here with more and specifically, what are police saying for those heading to ocean city. >> reporter: within the past month, there's been three attempted sexual assaults at ocean city. police warn women to be extra careful in this resort town. authorities with the ocean city police department say someone is targeting young females finishing up a night of partying and taking advantage of the situation. on each attempted assault, the girls were able to fight back and get away from the attacker. now police tell us all three of the attacks happened between 15th and 62nd street in ocean city. >> we would strike to -- try t
. let's swing it around the area and again it's steady heavy rains around baltimore city. you go out towards the beltways and 70. columbia seeing pretty good down pours and out towards essex from 695 towards essex and the chesapeake is seeing good downpours of rain and north of town right around westminster still seeing some of the lightning bolts coming down and that's going to move towards the south and east. we have a flash flood warning in parts of frederick county and we will show you cooler temperatures coming up in a little bit guys.>> this week we will finally get some sort of reprieve from thestifling temperatures we have been experiencing. they blanketed much of the country and here in maryland it's been especially bad. this weekend temperatures in our area reached triple digits. making it uncomfortable anddownright dangerous. sherrie johnson joins with us more on what people are doing and those who fell victim to the heat. >> reporter: yes, finally a break from the heat we have learned so far in maryland, 13 people have died because of the extreme heat. that's according to
70. kent island and 67. >>> let's get a check of traffic. issues downtown and baltimore city and the water main break and lombard is closed. that will be for some time. if you are going to make a long weekend. we have issues to talk about. the bay bridge between drive and the bridge. we have construction that will slow the speeds up and send it out to 895 where there is con and all due to construction at this point. look at the speed 20 miles an hour as you approach the 69th stride exit. this is 695. it looks like a good sunrise. the roads are not too bad. another check on traffic coming up in a bit. >>> when it comes to food and kids, many know how difficult it is getting the children to make healthy cheeses. hear from one advocate and how you can help pick outed into can help them out down the road. >>> and animal control and police race to a home after calls from a dangerous animal in the backyard. why they left without taking that beast away. as we go to break a live look at harbor east. shops opening up to tell you about. j crew among them. back with more in a moment. le
in the death of family friend. attorneys will meet with the judge today. >>> police in baltimore city are trying to find a man wanted for murder. this man, 23-year-old kiko stern, he hangs around the bel air edson area, wanted in a murder that happened in may. if you have idea where he is, call 911 as quickly as possible. >>> all of the people charged in the st. patrick's day attack in baltimore pled guilty. the attack on the tourist was caught on cell phone video. the suspect was seen punching and man and sentenced to three years in prison but will serve a year. the other two suspects are on probation. the fourth suspect, baldwin, faces three years in jail as well. >>> arundel county executive will go on trial. leopold is accused of losing security detail to cover personal matters. he is charged with misconduct. he will go on trial september 4th. no comment from the office. >>> we learn how students performed in the maryland school assessment test , the results were made available at 9:00 this morning. let's turn things over to education reporter sherrie johnson, she is out live thi
minor congestion this morning. we will take you to the city limits baltimore city again dealing with the issues on lomb board street and because of last week's water main breaks. certainly use all the terntive routes to avoid the area. outside we go, 695 ready good looking shot this morning in the drive times showing us conditions are look pretty good on the road. 95 to 83 a 12-minute commute. 795 and 695 to fort mchenry tunnel, about 8 minutes. more traffic and weather in less than 10. charley now over to you. >>> a developing story overnight as 11 people are dead following a pickup crash in texas 100 miles southeast of san antonio. all those injured were in the same ford f250. police are not telling us how bad the other people involved are. the case remains under investigation. 11 dead and just south of san antonio. >>> it's expect to be a emotional day in colorado as the man accused of going on a shooting rampage will make an appearance in court. police say james holmes opened fire during the opening of the dark knight rises early friday morning and sherrie johnson is standin
news. >> so if you are without power in baltimore city two shelters are open. they opened last night and they are located a the baltimore junior academy on west cold spring lane and dawson family same safe haven on -- be safe haven center and each has 75 beds and support staff and american red cross is helping out as well as baltimore health department. find more information on the website. >>> the code red heat alert is extended again today. the extreme heat claimed three lives in our state. cooling centers have opened across the state and each center has air conditioning and free water. if your power is still out and you need a place to check out, we have posted a list of all the centers. head to if you can't turn on the computer we posted it on abc2 news the smart phone app so you can check it out. >>> 75 years since amelia ehrhardt disappeared and there's efforts to solve the mystery. how a research team plans to find the plane in a month. and the cleanup continues in washington, d.c. how many people remain in the dark right now. >> good morning. i am mike masco. lo
. we will get that done. this morning, baltimore city, light street, bond street, affected this morning due to the last week's water main break. 895 long-term construction, heading towards the harbor tunnel. they are working on the steel bridge. hawksville road, an accident involving a car in to a pole. outside we go, look at the shot this is not a bad looking shot. 83, shawan road. so far, so good. over to drive times, see how your commute will fair. route 140 to 695, ten minute ride. 795 to 95, 11 minutes. fort mc henry, 695, 11 minute commute. that's your time save traffic, now a check on weather with lynette charles. >>> let's talk about what is going on. we look at the satellite and radar, not a lot to be found. clouds to the north. back off towards the west there. as we go throughout the day, we have a chance for showers to roll in, thunderstorms, we will talk about that in a second. i would like to take you outside and show you what is going on in bel air. we are seeing the sunrise slowly this morning. we are nice and quiet for the most part. we will pretty much stay that way for
harbor. it's touching. however today members of baltimore city fire department will climb and remember. it's all part of the 9/11 memorial stair climb. they're going to walk up 110 flights of stairs to remember the victims of those attacks. the same number of flights that were in the world trade center towers. each climber is going to carry a picture of a firefighter who died in the attacks. 343 members of the new york city fire department died on september 11th. today's event starts at noon at the hilton baltimore hotel and we'll be there. >>> a crazy day yesterday with the weather. highs breaking 100 and severe weather last night. >> who didn't keep an eye on the tries in the backyard? we're going to look at the damage in one home that left the firefighter injured. >> also you exercise as much as you can but you still have concerns about your heart. a new pill your doctor could prescribe that will help you keep your doctor healthy. >> maryland's most powerful radar is saying that 400 miles away we have another storm we have to watch out for today. we're going to track it for you. lau
's money. i'm sunni houston. >>reporter: a baltimore city firefighter is arrested for working as a pimp. i'm linda stow. what police are saying about his involvement in a massive prostitution ring. >>> and an independent investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal to be released tomorrow. what the family of joe paterno is saying about that report's findings. >>> and today the house is set to vote to repeal the affordable healthcare act once again. but this move largely symbolic. we'll explain why on this wednesday, july the 11th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. megan is off today. but, lauren, she is in studio with us, we got "caption this" coming up in just a bit. and also lynette charles is in with a check of this wonderful forecast. yes. you know what? feeling a lot like summer out there. we do have a little bit of humidity to wake up to this morning. we get that in the summertime. temperatures seasonable as we go through the morning and also throughout the afternoon. not too many complaints out there. we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, and you d
in november. they would also consider allowing table games at the state slots only casinos. >>> baltimore city fire chief james clack says if his guys don't get a ray, he is going to donate his. the board of estimates approved a 2% raise for one day after the city closed two of the fire companiesch the chief says his firefighters are negotiating a raise offer and union president says that the chief's actions is admirationable -- admirationable but a offer for increased pay with more hours is not fair. >>> we have seen dogs do it and a squirrel do it but have you seen a goat do it? >> this video is impressive. how a goat owner was able to get his animals on the beach and on the surfboard. >> the uproar over the u.s. olympic uniform for the summer games in london. why some are saying the patriotic uniforms are unamerican. >> and maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on showers. i will tell you if this batch of rain moves into the area. details coming up. lauren. >> reporter: well, everything is up to speed on 695 at bel air road. i will show you what 83 looks like coming up on good mornin
for the fireworks display at the inner harbor. after last year's outbreak of violence you may remember baltimore city police say they do have a now plan in place to keep the peace. a perimeter fence a bike racks will circle inner harbor to control the crowds there. police will be watching visitors with cameras as well as helicopters. >> we wish that people were adult and would conduct themselves the right way that when -- but when they don't we will do our jobs. >> police expect more than 200,000 people to flood the inner harbor for the fireworks show. it's ten times the size a new year eve crowd. >> people brought chairs and tarps and anything to watch the 4th of july parade. people start planning well in advance. so don't expect a front row spot today. today people have been coping out those thor for weeks. after the parade there's going to be live music at 6:30. catonsville high school will perform and the fireworks show happens at 9. >> on the docket for today mount washington begins at 10 this morning, it will start the spring well and trail down wexford and parade in towson begins at 10:po
baltimore city and the 4th is from montgomery are county. remember to head to to find the closer cooling center in your community. >>> a new law will be signed in anne arundel county that will help future drownings, it requires a defibrillator to be installed in all public pools in the county and all lifeguards will be trained on how to use that equipment. a bill was named for conner freed, he died at the pool six years ago, if the defibrillator at that pool, she believes her son would still be alive. >>> you can certainly expect delayings along york road -- delays along york road again today. the water main broke again, so that is twice in two days. it has been fixed in one point, that's the southbound side as crews work to repair that area, so keep that a in mind if your travels take you around that area. the west coast ask you probably were asleep before that final pitch and here's what you missed, they lost to los angeles, they blew a lead but the final score was 9-7. mark reynolds and ryan flattery hit homers in the 2nd, and baltimore rather head 7-3. but the ange
following the retirement. >>> five minutes after 5:00 right now. baltimore city fire chief james crack is getting a raise. the board of estimates approved the increase yesterday at a meeting. he will receive incremental salary increases each january through 2018. the raise request comes at a time when two fire companies were forced to close due to money problems. a third one is set to close in october. >>> it is 5:05 on thursday morning. you probably heard the staying everything in -- saying everything in moderation. >> yeah this morning how moderation can benefit women especially with alcohol. >> also a bull shark scares one woman and steals her catch. lynette? >> rain showing on "good morning maryland" as of now. i'll tell you if we get some change in the forecast coming up. lauren? >> well, lynette everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street. i'll let you know in that's the same case -- if that's the same case out on the beltway here on "good morning maryland." >>> nine minutes after 5:00. you have to see this. who says fishing isn't exciting? sarah was reaching in a catch
of a shower. the temperature in baltimore, coming in at 74 degrees. ocean city, 75. a good place to go. 73 altuna. 72 pittsburgh. we can see the 70s around the board there. weather pattern looks like this, pumping in the humidity and also the heat for today. for the next several days. it won't be until a cold front traverses in to wednesday and thursday, temperatures will drop off a by. we are looking -- off a bit. we are looking at the possibility for a shower, continuing through the next several days. for today, the temperature coming in at 95 degrees, very hot outside, with the humidity, we will feel like we are in the triple digits up to 105 for the heat index. this is a look at the seven-day forecast. i have good news, strong storms in to wednesday, then we drop the temperatures back to normal levels as we head in to the weekend. over to you. >>> health news. subtle changes in the way a person walks could be a warning sign for alzheimers. the findings are the fist to link a physical symptom to the disease which up until now require doctors to begin a diagnosis. in the study, doctors
. >>> it's going to -- the city is beginning to prepare for the baltimore grand prix. you can buy tickets at 58 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for sunday -- 85 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for the sunday race. time to start the 5:00 hour. >>> now, good morning maryland." >> breaking news out of canada a shooting at a backyard barbeque leaves two dead and 19 people injured. why the investigation is going on and where it stand this morning. >> reporter: things are a mess downtown from the massive water main break. what it means for your commute and how long before things get back to normal. [ no audio interest station ] >> it's tuesday july 17th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. a whole lot to talk about. but one of the big stories is the heat. >> that's going to be big and continuing. lynette charles is outsidegiving us a taste of what's going on. people planning for the day how bad will it be? >> out here today, temperatures i am forecasting around 98. so close to 100. a lot of spots will hit 100s. but today w
at baltimore street. you can use hopkins place. if you are using 95 to get in to the city, here is a live look at 395, a nice easy ride and if you are traveling the through the fort mc henry, 8 minutes to travel from the beltway to the toll plaza. if you are using the west side, that's in great shape as well. 11 minutes on the outer loop from 795, towards 95. no issues in to the city. 11 minutes from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. a look at your traffic, now here is lynette charles. >>> satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. we have one little storm, you see that there along the bay. that is not affecting us. we have a better chance for an isolated shower this afternoon and then the chances go up in to tomorrow. let me take you outside, we have a little bit less than an hour before the sun begins to rise. we can see what is going on in bel air, nice and quiet. fair skies and cars trying to move along the roadways. all in all, things are quiet this morning, that's going to be the trend, as we go in to the afternoon. temperature in northville, 70 degrees, 71 chestertown, edg
rawlings blake passed out ice at a northeast baltimore community. the action program will operate five centers around the city, they will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each will have cool air and free water. the health department's office of aging and care services will offer 6 additional centers on a code red heat alert day, the health department recommends that you remember to drink water or juice. avoid alcohol and caffeine and wear light colored clothing. check on your senior citizens, call 311 with the heat related medical emergency and log on to for a complete list of the cooling centers and that story is located on our home page. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> mta wants everyone to know public transportation is operational and up and going this morning. crews said they were able to meet the needs of people to get somewhere if they need to today. bus service will arun but commuters could face diversions because of the streets blocked by fallen trees or power outages. >>> back over to mike, we thought we were out of the woods last night, around 12:30, a round r
overnight with two two alarm fires in the city. we first told you about this at shortly before midnight. that first fire broke out inside a home on roberts street in west baltimore. that was reported around 11:30. now the second fire also a two alarm job started at the ambassador theater on liberty heights around midnight. investigators aren't exactly sure what started the fire. the ambassador you see video in from overnight. >>> anne arundel county police on the scene right now of the overnight drowning it happened in brock lynn park. once again in anne arundel county. and abc2's sherrie johnson is here with all new information. >> reporter: charlie i've been in contact with anne arundel county police this morning. we have confirmed a 4-year-old child has drowned at a pool at a home in brooklyn park in anne arundel county. we have all new video of the scene. police tylotes child was found unresponsive in the pool at the home at 601 old riverside road. the call came in around 10:00 last night and the child was taken to harbor hospital and police are still investigating this cas
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